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Comprising an area of over 32,000 square meter on a hillside, Jao Tsung-I Academy is divided into three zones, namely Low, Middle and High Zones. Among the Zones, Heritage Lodge is housed at the High Zone while the Middle and Low Zones feature The Gallery, Heritage Hall, as well as a variety of art and cultural event facilities.

The historic cluster is composed of over 15 single or double storey building blocks of various sizes with features of pitched-roofs and rectangular shapes. The functional buildings on 3 different levels are connected by tower lifts and walking trails.

Designed with utility in mind, a fusion of local Chinese technologies and Western architectural elements have been applied in response to Hong Kong’s sub-tropical climatic conditions. All planning and design involving the revitalization of the historic compound have adhered strictly to recognized charters for the conservation of historic buildings, including the Venice Charter, Burra Charter and the Principles for the Conservation of Heritage Sites in China.

The architectural authenticity of each building has been retained while new elements have been injected.

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*** No pets (except guide dog and pets for the accommodation of Heritage Lodge).

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