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Pet-friendly package

Please contact Hotel directly for room reservation

Tel: 2100 2888 or 2100 2873


Rules and regulations:

1. Please specify the room type as a pet room when making the reservation. Pets are allowed in a limited number of rooms on a first come, first served basis.

2. For medium or small dogs weighing less than 20 kg and the body length under 50 cm, only one pet per room.

3. Pets can only stay in the designated room. Daily necessities such as pet mats, special bowls, and special towels are provided. During your stay, you will need to hang the "Pet Stay" notice on the door.

4. Pets are not allowed to share cups, hair/bath towels, or blankets in the room. If there is damage to the room furniture, you will be liable to bear the cost of subsequent repairs and restoration.

5. We cannot accommodate pets who are noisy or aggressive. If the above situation affects other guests, we have the right to refuse your accommodation and the room rate will not be refunded.

6. We does not accept pets with infectious diseases or fleas.

7. Do not leave your pet alone in the room.

8. Do not bathe the pet in the room to prevent pet hair from clogging the drain.

9. Do not comb your pets in the room to avoid hair floating around: It is recommended that the owner cares for the dog outdoors.

10. If the room needs to be cleaned, please contact the front desk to arrange a time. The pet needs to leave the room during cleaning.

11. Guests with pets are limited to dining in open-air cafes or designated areas, and pets are not allowed to enter other indoor areas.

12. The pet must be tethered and wear a mask (if needed) when outside the room. The owner is responsible for keeping the pet quiet. If the pet continues to make a noise, harass or attack guests or hotel staff, the hotel will ask the owner to remove the pet immediately.

13. Do not let it foul the wall. The guest must carry a pet diaper with them when outside the room.

14. The indoor and outdoor area have regular pest control services, Including insecticides and rodenticides.

15. The behaviour of the pet is the sole responsibility of the owner and We does not assume any responsibility. If the pet causes any injury, or damage to the facilities, we may file a claim with the guest and the guest must also bear the cost of subsequent repairs and restoration.

16. A valid card or supporting document (accepted copy) must be presented at the time of check-in.

17. Guests must hang the Pet Stay card, issued at the time of check-in, on the door of their room.

18. Please bring your own pet meals.

19. In case of any dispute, we’re reserves the right of final decision.

***Pet room facilities: pet toilet, diaper pad, water bowl, and grain bowl.